It has now been some time since the dwarves lost their great kingdom and had to flee back to Hemland. No word has been heard from any other country since then. At least not officially. King Father has been keeping busy, sending spies to the main land, tracking down the movements of the other races and organisations and keeping an eye out for anything of interest. At home the dwarves have not been sitting idly by and rolling their thumbs.

Instead of building all over Hemland, they decided early to create a strong home. With all the remaining resources at their disposal, they used everything they could to build a structure that would never fall, not by time, weather, axes, fire or any magic. They named their home Hemfort. Slowly but surely they have started to get used to their new way of life and as generations passed the dwarves started to forget what it was like to rule over every land.

This new viewpoint got King Father thinking. He had started to feel the years building up on him, which was astonishing since he had lived longer than any other dwarf. King Father has started to think that the time would probably come sooner or later when he would have to step away as ruler. He wish more than anything to restore the dwarves to their former glory, but then they would be needed to be led by a strong leader.What worries him is that he does not know who would succeed him. At this point he only has one direct heir left, the rest have either perished or gone missing.

But this heir of the new generation does not remember the business and danger of the war. This heir is spoiled, pleased with the new easy life and has no ambition to claim more land or getting revenge. These are traits that the King Father do not approve of and he is planning to change this drastically.King Father is planning to bring back some needed ruthlessness in order to shape up the prince. He will once again split the Dragonhammer Clan and put his child in charge of a small clan, with King Father still ruling over the majority of the dwarves.

The Prince will be kicked out of Hemfort and learn how to properly rule over his people in order to be the leader that the dwarves need.

Campaign LevelsEdit

Zone 1 - Hemland

Zone 2 - Mittland North

Zone 3 - Mittland South

Zone 4 - Vindhav East

Zone 5 - Helland

Zone 6 - Vindhav West