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The Construction and Build Menu is how you can select and place the many objects of the game around your settlement to be built for decorative or defensive purposes.

Current Work in progress- Will be finished soon

Furniture, defence and Work Stations complete thus far. Lights 50% complete.


Furniture are objects that can be used by dwarves or storage for them.

Image Name Happiness Cost
Wooden Chair Wooden Chair x1 xx Wood
Chair with a Pillow Chair With Pillow x2 xx Wood
Normal Stone Chair Normal Stone Chair x3 xx Wealth + xx Tourmaline
Lordy Chair Lordly Chair x4 xx Titanium + xx Marble
Chair of Past Glory Chair of Past Glory x3 xx Iron + xx Marble
Draconic Chair Draconic Chair x4 xx Dreadstone + xx Dragonforce
Image Name Happiness Comfort Cost
Stone Bed Stone Bed x1 x1 20 Stone
Straw Bed Straw Bed x2 x1 40 Wealth + 20 Wood
Roundtable Bed Roundframe Bed x2 x2 100 Wealth + 100 Wood
Comfy Bed Comfy Bed x3 x3 150 Wealth + 150 Wood
Dwarven Bed of Past Glory Dwarven Bed of Past Glory x3 x5 20 Marble + 25 Tourmaline
Lordy Bed Lordly Bed x4 x5 50 Wealth + 50 Marble
Draconic Bed Draconic Bed x8 x5 100 Wealth + 20 Dreadstone
Image Name Happiness Cost
Dining Table Dining Table x3 100 Wood
Harvest Table Harvest Table x3 100 Wood
Stone Table Stone Table x4 50 Wealth + 100 Stone
Marble Table Marble Table x3 100 Wealth + 50 Marble
Large Marble Table Large Marble Table x6 75 Wealth + 60 Marble
Image Name Storage Space Cost
Square Chest Square Chest x8 xx Wood
Wooden Chest Wooden Chest x10 xx Wood + xx Iron
Double Chest Square Chest x12 xx Wood + xx Wealth
Large Wooden Chest Large Wooden Chest x20 xx Wood + xx Iron
Abyss Box Abyss Box x20 xx Dreadstone + xx Titanium
Large Abyss Chest Large Abyss Box x40 xx Dreadstone + xx Dragonforce
Image Name Storage Space Joy Cost
Small Stone Cupboard Small Stone Cupboard x3 x2 xx Stone
Small Wooden Cupboard Small Wooden Cupboard x3 x2 xx Wood
Wide Stone Cupboard Wide Stone Cupboard x10 x3 xx Stone
Wide Wooden Cupboard Wide Wooden Cupboard x10 x2 xx Wood
Wide Fine Cupboard Wide Fine Cupboard x20 x4 xx Marble

Work StationsEdit

Work Stations are objects used with the Skills of the Dwarves.

Image Name Research Speed Cost
Research Table Research Table x1 50 Wealth + 60 Wood
Adept Research Table Adept Research Table x2 400 Wealth + 300 Wood
Master Research Table Master Research Table x3 200 Wealth + 100 Marble
Military Items
Image Name Training Speed Cost
Guard Post Guard Post N/A 20 Wealth + 5 Wood
Simple Training Dummy Simple Training Dummy x1 50 Wealth + 30 Wood
Scarecrow Dummy Scarecrow Dummy x1 50 Wealth + 30 Wood
Adept Training Dummy Adept Training Dummy x2 80 Wealth + 30 Iron
Master Training Dummy Master Training Dummy x3 100 Wealth + 40 Titanium
Fertilization Stone
Image Name Happiness Cost
Fertilization Stone Fertilization Stone x5 50 Stone + 50 Wealth
Food Crops
Image Name Food Production Joy Cost
White Mushroom White Mushroom x1 N/A xx Wealth
Hyperfelia Mushroom Hyperfelia Mushroom x1 N/A 30 Wealth
Lemon Tree Lemon Tree x1 N/A 25 Wealth
Carrot Patch Carrot Patch x1 N/A 20 Wood
Candystick Mushroom Candystick Mushroom x1 x2 20 Wealth
Corn Patch Corn Patch x3 N/A xx Wood
Nuts Tree Nuts Tree x3 N/A xx Wealth
Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Patch x3 N/A xx Wood + xx Stone
Chanterelle Mushroom Chanterelle Mushroom x3 x2 xx Wealth
Apple Tree Apple Tree x6 N/A xx Wealth
Autumn Apple Tree Autumn Apple Tree x6 N/A xx Wealth
Plugetea Mushroom Plugetea Mushroom x1 x4 xx Wealth
Umbrelleca Mushroom Umbrelleca Mushroom x2 N/A xx Wealth
Yella Mushroom Yella Mushroom x1 N/A 10 Wealth
Cherry Tree Cherry Tree x3 x6 xx Wealth
Radish Patch Radish Patch x2 N/A xx Wood
Blueberry Patch Blueberry Patch x4 x5 xx Wood + xx Stone
Special Crops
Image Name Produces When Harvested Cost
Ale Tree Ale Tree x 8 Joy 60 Wealth
Log Plant Log Plant x1 Wood 45 Wealth
Log Tree Log Tree x2 Wood 100 Wealth




Lights are Decorative items that currently have no use aside from aesthetic purposes.


Defensive Structures are constructable objects that assist in defending your settlement from monsters or invaders.