DLC, otherwise known as Downloadable Content.

In Game DLCEdit

The DLC packs currently available from the shop menu on the main title screen.


DLC packs released 31/10/2012 to celebrate Dwarftoberfest/Halloween.

Hunting SeasonEdit

DLC packs released 09/11/2012 to honour the great dwarven hunters of this year's hunting season.


One DLC pack with bedroom items was released 19/11/2012.


One DLC pack with kitchen items was released 26/11/2012.

Doors and GatesEdit

One DLC pack with new doors was released 30/11/2012.


One DLC pack with new chairs and stools was released 13/12/2012.


A DLC pack was released 21/12/2012 to celebrate the Xmas of 2012.

Unknown Release DateEdit

These DLC packs has been released on unknown date(s) (between 26/11/2012 and 8/12/2012). Please add the exact date(s) if you know them.

Steam DLCEdit

The DLC packs currently available on steam.


One DLC pack was included for free if you pre-ordered the game from 6/12/2012 it is available for anyone on steam.

  • Ale - $0.99 or €0.99

Star DwarvesEdit

Some of the dwarves that went into exile in space during the Magic War returned on 6/12/2012, that calls for a big DLC pack.


Some fluffy animals for entertainment, but they can be good fighters!

  • Pets - $4.99 or €4.99