With farming you can get food ( or wood ) for your dwarfs



Some plants with a worker


  • The worker must be able to reach the plants they cannot walk through other plants
  • You have to place an Fertilization Stone on a fertile soil block, to appoint workers to it, then press the "+" on the Fertilization Stone

Research UpgradesEdit

The plantsEdit

Trees, mushrooms and patches with plants each providing their own amount of food

The plants automatically renew as long as you have enough resources ( depending on what the plant costed in the first place )

Sustainable EconomyEdit

When considering how to build your Dwarves economy, remember this:

  • All idle dwarves eat food more often (Military dwarves assigned to an outpost are NOT considered idle)
  • If you have the Ale DLC , you may build ale plants to increase happyness.

The trick to building a strong farm economy is to balence the amount of crops versus population versus reseed costs.

Remember that some crops have an upkeep of wood instead of wealth. If you have a lot of wood being generated and you dont use it all, it may be better to use these plants, such as carrots or radishes.

As your population increases, if you dont have multiple farms, it may be better to upgrade the quality of your crops to ones that yield more food. (Displayed by the tiny x# in the top right of the pictures)