Iron Body
A rare metal, used for reinforced doors and traps


Can be found on the topsoil layer. More abundant in bed rock.

Military UpgradesEdit

Military --> Fighter ( 50 )
Fighter --> Berserker ( 50 )
Spear Thrower --> Marksman ( 200 )

Build options:Edit

Image Name Storage Space Cost
Wooden Chest Wooden Chest x10 xx Wood + xx Iron
Large Wooden Chest Large Wooden Chest x20 xx Wood + xx Iron
Image Name Happiness Cost
Chair of Past Glory Chair of Past Glory x3 xx Iron + xx Marble
Military Items
Image Name Training Speed Cost
Adept Training Dummy Adept Training Dummy x2 80 Wealth + 30 Iron
Defensive Walls
Image Name Happiness Defence Cost
Iron Spiked Wood Wall Iron Spiked Wood Wall x1 x2 xx Wood + xx Iron
Image Name Damage Cost
Blade Trap (Floor) Blade Trap (Floor) x1 50 Wealth + 30 Iron
Blade Trap (Wall) Blade Trap (Wall) x1 50 Wealth + 30 Iron
Image Name Happiness Cost
75px Iron Bridge x1 xx Wood + xx Iron