The BeginningEdit

Legends go that once upon a time, aeons ago, there was nothing but a great void in the world. Until the All Father, who only was a dwarfling at the time, suddenly dug out of its wall! This incident is know as The Big Dig.

This All Father took the gravels and pieces made when it dug out of the wall, and pressed it all together into one big chunk and thus creating the world. The All Father drew strands from his great beard and blew life onto them. Thus awakened Frej, Freja, Loki, Tyr, Hel, mighty Thor and others to reside in this realm as gods.

They all stepped down on the world and shaped it as they saw fit. Thor created thunder which split the skies and earth alike, causing rain to fall and oceans to be filled. Frej and Freja used the water to grow life in the form of plants and animals. Tyr made sure all the animals did as they were meant to do, while Lokie had them test their boundaries in order to evolve and improve. Lastly, when any living being perished, Hel guided them to her realm of the dead where their spirits would remain until the end of time.

But these Gods would not be able to remain here at all times. Because of this, they needed to have someone watch over this world for them. So the All Father now took the deepest and most solid part of a mountain. He took a single strand from his beard and carefully molded the rock around it and gave it shape. Lastly he breathed upon it, giving it life. And so the very first dwarf was born.

Dwarves, children of the gods and born of the sturdiest rock, were because of this chosen to be protectors of the world. They lived amongst the gods for a time, learning everything the gods taught them, until the day when the gods left this world to create other ones.

The Start of the Dwarven EmpireEdit

Under the rule of their leader King Father , also rumoured to be the very first dwarf that the All Father breathed life into, the dwarves influence grew. They spread quickly and their knowledge in how to shape the very land proved to be invaluable. Soon they were ready to travel from their homeland, Hemland, and explore the rest of the world. Their creativity, sheer numbers and organized social structure allowed them to advance very quickly.

While they were exploring, they met the Elves. Tall creatures, who seemed as comfortable with trees as the dwarves are with stone. The dwarves also met the mighty dragons. Powerful and giants in comparison to the dwarves. In the end, these three races became allies and under dwarven leadership a great kingdom was born throughout the known lands.

The lands were divided into countries and different dwarven clans were chosen to rule these countries. During these years, the dwarves managed to advance their knowledge for all their different crafts extensively. They gathered the rarest of resources and created the mightiest of artefacts and structures. They gathered a massive amount of resources and valuable materials. One day they discovered a previously unknown metal that proved to be the hardest material anyone had ever encountered. To honor their allies they named it "Dragonforce". It was as strong and durable as the dragons but also exceedingly rare. With what they managed to find the dwarfs used the Dragonforce to the utmost to create weapons, armor and artifacts that proved superior to anything else they created. These things soon became legends.

This was the greatest period in the history of the dwarfs and lasted many hundred years.

The Epic War & The Great DeclineEdit

One day, a never before seen race appeared. They called themselves "Mages" and came from across the scorching desert north of Helland. These mages were as tall as the elfs and almost as wide as the dwarfs. What was most astonishing however was that they had power to influence not only the very earth itself, but also the weather and minds and bodies of other creatures. This was the first time the dwarves encountered the phenomenon called magic.

The dwarves were hesitant towards this new potential threat. They did not know how to approach them and this hesitation proved to be devastating. The mages soon revealed their intentions by openly attacking settlements. It became clear that they sought to grab control of every country that the dwarfs ruled over. With them they brought vile evil creatures, orcs and goblins, that found no greater joy than to cut and burn other creatures and the nature itself.

Their numbers never came close to the amount of dwarves, but the lengths that the mages were willing to go to in order to win never entered the dwarves minds. It turned out to be very difficult to defend against magic which the dwarves had no idea how to counter.They used devious and dishonorable strategies and managed to push the dwarves further and further back. Dwarves came to hate the very notion of magic and started to become desperate. They went to their allies to help them defend their kingdom. While the dragons accepted, the elves fled the lands betraying their former allies.

While the betrayal of the elves hurt them, the dragons proved to be more than enough. Their sheer power drove the mages back, which started to turn the tides of war. Just as planned the mages seemed unable to properly fight against the dragons. They quickly changed tactics however and soon stopped attacking the dragons openly. Instead they learned how the dragons' minds worked and how to enter them. Soon the mages were prepared to face the dragons properly again. In a massive attack they targeted the dragons' minds, driving them mad. The vast majority of the dragons was instantly turned into mindless beasts. The mages used this to direct the crazed dragons towards the dwarfs, turning the allies against each other.

King Father decided to make a gamble and try to get an edge over the mages. He ordered the dwarves to dig deeper than they ever had before in order to find more Dragonforce . This turned out to be an unlucky move. The dwarves, that were sent to uncover more Dragonforce , mysteriously disappeared.

This turned out to be the final straw for the dwarfs. With this they were forced further and further south, being no longer able to hold back the devastating powers of the mages. More clans were split up until finally the dwarfs were ready to make their last stand on Hemland, where they had originally come from and their last line of defence. Much to their surprise however, the mages did not follow.

It had taken a few years before it could be fully realized that the mages had no intention of hunting the dwarfs down and finish them off. Maybe their own forces had become too reduced in order to conquer Hemland as well or maybe the mages were not interested in Hemland. For whatever reason the dwarfs were now safe, but horribly reduced in numbers. All the remaining clans merged back into one, the Dragonhammer Clan. Unable to properly maintain everything they had built the dwarfs were forced to watch much of their former glory fall into ruin and dust and soon there were only vague remnants of their former glory.