Tech tree

The Technology tree is essential to your base's improvement and dwarven well-being. Research points generated by scholars or by selling certain objects can be spent in this menu. To access this menu, click on the image of three crossed potions in the lower left hand of your screen.

Below are the tiers, how much each tech costs, and what researching them gives to your community. The numbers represent what must be researched before you can research  

Reaching higher tiers is important, since it opens new items in the construction menu.

Tier 1:Edit

All Tier 1 Techs cost 1 point per skill.

1. Research FocusIncreases the effectivity of your researchers (Slightly increases the research efficiency of scholars and researchers.)
2.Growth Hormones
Your Dwarflings earn exp faster (Doubles the experience given to dwarflings over time.)
1. Unlock LightsUnlocks advanced braziers and torches (found in lighting part of build menu)
2. Fortifications
Allows the creation of defensive structures (Structures found in defence tab of build menu)
3. Running Shoes
Increases dwarf movement (Increases dwarf movement speed by 25%, passive)
1. Cloth ArmorImproves the vitality of your dwarves. (20% more health, passive)
2. Locksmithing
Unlocks gates and Doors for settlement (Found in paths section of build menu)
1. Training ObjectsUnlocks objects to help you train your dwarves (found in work stations part of build menu)
2. Military Specialization
Unlocks the first tier of upgrades for military dwarves (Required to upgrade your Military dwarves to either a Spear Thrower or Fighter)

Tier 2:Edit

All Tier 2 Techs cost 2 points per skill.

(pre-req- "Running Shoes " Tier 1 tech)
1. Building AttunementAll your crafters become more proficient at their work (Passive)
2. Sleeping Bag
Dwarves sleep somewhat comfortably on the ground (Passive)
2. Softer Beds
Beds get more comfortable (Passive)
3. Worker Speed
Workers gain additional speed (Passive, Greatly increases the movement speed of workers, diggers and crafters.)
(pre-req- "Locksmithing" Tier 1 tech)
1. EngineeringAllows you to build traps (Found in the defence tab of the build menu)
2. Better Picks
With this dwarves can dig even faster (Passive, Increases the efficiency of the diggers by 50%.)
3. Plate Armor
All warriors gain extra health (Passive, Increases the vitality of all military dwarves by 20%)
(pre-req- "Military Specialization " Tier 1 tech)
1. Second WindWhen military dwarves level up, they regain full health (Passive)
2. Marksmanship
Allows further specialization of ranged dwarves (High tier ranged military upgrades, Required to upgrade the Spear Thrower to either a Grenadier or a Marksman)
3. Sword Training
Allows further specialization of melee dwarves (High tier melee military upgrades, required to upgrade a Fighter to either a Berserker or Shield Bearer.)

Tier 3:Edit

All Tier 3 Techs cost 3 points per skill.

(pre-req- "Worker Speed" tier 2 tech)
1. Scholar SpecializationAllows your scholar to upgrade to researchers (Costs 400 tourmaline)
2. Caffiene
Researchers need less sleep (Passive, scholars and researchers lose energy at half the original rate.)
3. Genetic Engineering
Gives access to better plants (Found in farming section of build menu
(pre-req- "Sleeping Bag" tier 2 tech)
1. Fertilization Stone UpgradeIncreases the number of workers each fertilization stone can employ. (Up to 6 max)
2. Food Rations
Dwarves can go longer without food (Passive)
(pre-req- "Plate Armor" tier 2 tech)
1. GatesGrants access to grander doors (Found in pathing in build menu)
2. Trap Enhancements
All your traps do more damage (Passive, increases the damage from traps by 50%)
(pre-req- "Sword Training" tier 2 tech)
1. Offensive StrategiesIncreases damage of your warriors (Passive)
2. Sniper Training
Your ranged warriors become more accurate (Passive, increases the range of all ranged military dwarves by 50%. )

Tier 4:Edit

All Tier 4 Techs cost 4 points per skill.

(pre-req- "Genetic Engineering" tier 3 tech)
1. Money PrinterGain wealth constantly (Roughly 1 gold/second)
2. Dwarven Rolemodels
All dwarves get better at thier jobs (Passive, increases the efficiency of your crafters, diggers, scholars, researchers and workers.)
(pre-req- "Food Rations" tier 3 tech)
1. Cost EfficiencyReduces the costs of all objects  (Passive for items in build menu only, amount varies by item, objects in the build menu costs approximately 50% less. Can be combined with the influence tech Slash the Prices.)
2. Large Coffers
increases the storage cap (By roughly 2000)
3. Advanced Agriculture
Increases the cycles of plants greatly (Passive, increases the life cycles of all crops by 50%. )
(pre-req- "Trap Enhancements" tier 3 tech)
1. Research Stationyour scientists get even better (Passive, increases the efficiency of your scholars and researchers)
2. Super Traps
Unlocks the Dreadful Dragon traps (Found in defence section of build menu)
3. Defensive Structures
Your walls, gates, and doors gain hardness and are tougher to destroy (Passive, all doors and fortifications gains hardness and vitality.)
(pre-req- "Sniper Training" tier 3 tech)
1. Warrior CultureAll your warriors level quicker (Passive, all military dwarves gain double experience from killing enemies and training dummies.)
2. Heroism
Your dwarves do more damage against bosses (Passive)