The Backyard

The Backyard is the first level on Zone 1 - Hemland of the Campaign.

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Step-by-Step explanation of how to control your own clan of dwarves.

A small area where many inexperienced clan leaders-to-be have tested their command-skills before undertaking the Trial.

Located right next to Hemfort, this area is small and was previously used to store equipment and resources. It's a good spot for some very basic training.

Main ObjectiveEdit

The main quests of the level.

How to DigEdit

Dig & Explore. We need some very basic training. If we follow the instructions step by step, then we should be fine. Now we need to find something interesting to do. There must be something we can find if we dig through the blocks a little bit. What would dwarves be if they could not dig in the ground? We should look for any blocks we can dig through. This area seems to be filled with undigium, blocks we can't dig trough, so any dirt blocks should be easy to see.

Gather ResourcesEdit

Gather Gold. There seems to be gold in this room! If we get gold, then it will add to our wealth, which can be used to buy things later. There are many different resources and minerals in the world. We should always be on the lookout for more. To gather resources, we should simply use the dig order. Then a digger dwarf will go there and dig it out. When it has been dug out, it will automatically be added to our storage.

The DwarflingEdit

Order a Dwarfling. Now we need to build stuff. Unfortunately our digger dwarf can't perform any such service for us. We need a new dwarf, a dwarfling! Dwarflings are young and inexperienced. They normally require a large amount of food and sleep all day long, being our youngsters that they are. But when they have enough experience, which they get "by hanging around," then they can be given a profession. For now we need to order one from Hemfort. In the bottom-right corner of the Screen is the Hemfort button. Click on that and the Hemfort window will appear. From there you are able to order dwarflings. Order 1 dwarfling from there.

The Crafter DwarfEdit

Upgrade dwarfling to crafter. Now that the dwarfling has arrived, we can choose a profession for him. For now we need to build things, so this dwarfling should really become a crafter dwarf. Click on the "+" icon next to his name and then Choose the crafter dwarf-option. Then the dwarfling will be turned into a crafter dwarf and be able to build things for us.

Somewhere to SleepEdit

Build bed. We need to build a bed where our dwarves can rest when they are tired. We need to open up the build menu. The build menu has several categories. First, open the furniture category. Then select the beds category, causing all the available beds to appear in the menu. From there, just select whichever bed suits your taste. When a bed is selected from the Menu, you can place it somewhere where there is a free space. Make sure that the dwarves can always reach it. Should you change your mind about where it should be placed, then you can use the move order. If you are not happy with your purchase, then you can sell it with the sell order, but you will not get as much as you spent on it.

Somewhere to EatEdit

Build table. Now we need a table where our dwarves can eat when they are hungry. The table is built the same way as the bed. First, open up the build menu and and then select the furniture category. Next, choose the tables category and pick a table for our settlement. When selected, just place it where you think it fits.

The Fertilization StoneEdit

Build a fertilization stone. In order to get food we need to have somewhere to grow crops. When we have found fertile soil, we can plant crops there. But for the crops to grow, we need to build a fertilization stone and place it somewhere close to or on the fertile soil. Then crops will be able to grow there. Why you ask? It has something to do with the Sun not being able to reach underground... look, I didn't make the rules. So for now, we should place a fertilization stone by the fertile soil. It can be found in the build menu, the work stations category and then fertilization stone.

Finally FoodEdit

Build Food Crop. We finally have a fertilization stone. Now we just need a food crop. The crop will keep growing and eventually provide us with food. Now open up the build menu, select the work stations category, and then food crops. When we have selected a nice and juicy food crop, then we must place it in the world. We need to make sure to place it on the fertile soil and close to the fertilization stone. If we are unhappy with where we placed the fertilization stone then we can always use the move order and place it somewhere else.

Another DwarflingEdit

Order a Dwarfling. In order to gather food from a food crop we need to have a worker. I don't know why the diggers or crafters can't be bothered to harvest crops, but there we have it. We need to order another dwarfling from Hemfort! Same as before, by clicking on on the Hemfort button in the lower-right corner we get access to the Hemfort window. From there we can order another dwarfling. Let's get to work!

The Worker DwarfEdit

Upgrade dwarfling to worker. Nothing we haven't done before! Click on the "+" icon next to his name and then Choose the worker dwarf option. Then the dwarfling will be turned into a worker dwarf and be able to gather food for us.

Assigning WorkEdit

Assign worker. The worker dwarves will simply stand around looking stupid if we don't tell them what to do. Clicking the "+" icon on a fertilization stone will assign worker dwarves to it. As long as we have worker dwarves assigned to that fertilization stone, they will go there and work if there are crops present. Since we only have one worker dwarf, it should be enough to assign one dwarf to our fertilization stone.

Another DwarflingEdit

Order a Dwarfling.

The ExplorerEdit

Explore Further. Great! Now we have somewhere to sleep, somewhere to eat, something to eat and a soldier to defend us! It is finally time to continue on with our quest. We should continue to dig and see if there is anything else for us to find! My gut tells me that there must be something else.


Defeat Monster. It's a crisis! We have found a horrible monster of the deep! We need to defeat it before we are able to proceed any further! We should send our military dwarf to defeat it! If the military dwarf is being lazy and does not perform his job, then we can use the teleport order! If we select that and click on a dwarf, then that dwarf will disappear. When we right-click somewhere, that dwarf will appear there instead! But quick! Defeat that beast!

The Locked DoorEdit

Unlock door. If it isn't this then it's that. There is a locked door standing in our path. We need to unlock it in order to continue on past it. If we select the interact order then we can use that to interact with objects. Maybe there is something near the door that can be interacted with in order to get it to open.

Deep DownEdit

Explore Downwards. I have heard tales of a treasure chamber somewhere around here. It can probably be found somewhere below us, since the way does not seem to go anywhere else. We should try to dig downwards then. When we dig up and down in layers, we must make sure that the dwarves can return to where they came from...we should make sure to build ladders so that they can climb up from the holes we dig. Don't forget that we can change which layer we are watching by using the slider in the bottom-right corner.

The TabletEdit

Interact with the Tablet. Well, we found the treasure chamber, but it looks empty! I don't understand what is going on. There seems to be a tablet here though. Dwarves usually use Tablets to write messages. Maybe there is something interesting to be found on it. Use the interact order to select it. Then we will see if there is something worthwhile here after all.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

The king's quests of this level.

The DiggerEdit

Dig 25 Blocks. In order to impress every dwarf out there, we can perform King's Quests. They are not necessary in order to complete a Level, but completing them ensures that we get respect. We can show the dwarves that our clan knows how to dig. We should dig at least 25 blocks. That should show them.

Stocking UpEdit

Gather 50 Food. In order to impress every dwarf out there, we can perform King's Quests. They are not necessary in order to complete a Level, but completing them ensures that we get respect. A dwarf with a full belly is a happy dwarf. We should have our workers gather enough food from our crops so that it will last a while.

The BuilderEdit

Build 10 Objects. In order to impress every dwarf out there, we can perform King's Quests. They are not necessary in order to complete a Level, but completing them ensures that we get respect. If we build a couple of objects, then this settlement will actually become somewhat hospitable. We should do our best to get enough Resources to make this a nice place to live.