The Elven Settlement

The Elven Settlement is the second level on Zone 3 - Mittland South of the Campaign.


Danger Zone.

Once, the most known Elven city could be found here. A bit after the Dwarves and Elves became allies it slowly fell into ruins.

Now only traces remain of the old Elven Culture that once could be seen all over the southern part of Mittland. Who knows what lurks in the shadows here now.

Main QuestEdit

King's QuestEdit

The king's quests of the level.

Plate ArmoredEdit

Unlock the Plate Armor tech. This area is probably very dangerous. Our military dwarves will need to be properly protected.

We should work our scholar dwarves to get enough research points to unlock the Plate Armor tech.

Running ShoesEdit

Unlock the Running Shoes tech. We should not underestimate the tremendous advantages we can gain from the tech tree. Faster moving dwarves can be a huge advantage to us.

Let's have our scholar dwarves continue working hard at the research table until we have enough research points to unlock the running shoes tech.

The Biggest BaseEdit

Upgrade the spawning pool to Max Level. Our spawning pool decides the maximum number of dwarves that we can have in our settlement at the same time.

We need to train to have many dwarves at the same time. Upgrading the spawning pool from the Hemfort window to the maximum level will allow us to have many dwarves, and we might need them.