The Mage Base

The Mage Base is the second level on Zone 2 - Mittland North of the Campaign.

The Northern Pass --> The Mage Base --> The Tunnel


Danger Zone.

This was once one of the greatest dwarven cities and the biggest one in Mittland. It was here that the dwarves supposedly help out the longest against the mages and their armies.

Eventually, the dwarves were forced to fall back even from this stronghold, abandoning everything they had built here. 

Now the area is a mere shadow of its former splendor. Only ruins and traces remain.

Main ObjectiveEdit

The main quests of this level.

Weird ActivityEdit

Find the main chamber. There is somthing strange going on around this area. We can almost feel energies flowing in the air. We need to find whatever is here, otherwise we will never be allowed to go home.

King Father used to tell me how dwarven clan leaders usually built their throne rooms as deep down as they could. It is probably safe to assume that the creeps who live here are there now.

We should probably dig and search around the lower levels of this area. Let's just make sure we are prepared before we dig too deep.

Another piece of the puzzle.Edit

Activate the Blue Crystal. That Blue Crystal which is located in the treasure chamber looks just like the Red Crystal we found in Hemland. If we have this one, then maybe we can gain access to additional areas in the world.

We should interact with the Blue Crystal.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

The king's quests of the level.

A Second WindEdit

Unlock the Second Wind tech. We should use scholar dwarves at research tables to get enough research points to unlock the Second Wind tech in the tech tree. That should help our military dwarves in combat.

Diggy Diggy HoleEdit

Dig 500 Blocks. Let us prove to Hemfort that this clan are proper dwarves as well! And what is it that proper dwarves do? They dig!

Let's dig 500 blocks! That will show them all that we can get things done.


Unlock the Marksmanship tech. We should use scholar dwarves at research tables to get enough research points to unlock the Marksmanship tech in the tech tree. We will then be able to get stronger Ranged solidiers.