The Northern Border

The Northern Border is the first level on Zone 5 - Helland in the Campaign.


This was the last settlement that the dwarves built during the Great Kingdom. It was also here that the dwarves encountered Mages for the first time. High-ranking dwarves were sent here to meet with the new race, only to disappear without a trace. The settlement here was quickly lost.

Now it seems that the mages have built a tunnel under the ground, leading up towards the lands north of Vanahelm.

Main QuestEdit

The Top Blast Door

  • Close the upper blast door

The Middle Blast Door

  • Close the middle blast door

The Lower Blast Door

  • Close the lower blast door

King's QuestEdit


Beginning of level

King Father: Hello?! Son, can you hear me?

The Prince: Yes, I can. I got your message, is it true what you said before?

King Father: Yes, it appears that you have actually scared the mages somewhat.

King Father: They have called in reinforcements. A lot more greenskins are moving through the tunnels in the area around you.

The Prince: What?! So you send me right where a horde of enemies are heading?


  • Goblin Chopper
  • Orc