The Northern Pass

The Northern Pass is the first level on Zone 2 - Mittland North in the Campaign.

The Trial --> The Northern Pass --> The Mage Base


This location was next to the main road that led up north towards Vindhav and Snoberg. Many dwarves traveled here with resources and traded with each other.

This eventually turned the small settlement into a rich city. It became custom for dwarves to stop by wehn travelling through the area.

Main Objective

Main ObjectiveEdit

The main quests of the level.

To Prove YourselfEdit

Find the Legendary Treasure. There must be a treasure chamber hidden away somewhere around here. If we find it, then we will have proven to King Father that we can do this. That would show him.

There is no way to tell where it is located however, so we should dig around until we find it.

Finding Tablets & CluesEdit

Find clues to the Treasure. There must be something around here that will give us a hint of where to find the treasure. We should look around and see if we can find any clues or directions that will point us in the right way.

Dwarves like to hear themselves talk, or look at their own handwriting. There ought to be loads of clues around for us to find. Let's dig around until we find them.

The GuardiansEdit

Defeat all the Treasure Guardians. When we finally find the treasure room, there are a bunch of greenskins there. We need to defeat them all before we can get access to all that treasure! So let us send in our military dwarves and take those greenskins down!

Nothing can keep us from our gold!

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

The king's quests of the level.

Build 4 Stone StatuesEdit

Build 4 Stone Statues. Dwarves are impressed by large dwarf-made objects, and statues are among their favourites!

We should build some stone statues to honour our fallen brothers and sisters. If we build a couple of stone Statues, then that ought to foo... I mean impress the dwarves.

Defeat 15 EnemiesEdit

Defeat 15 Enemies. Valour through combat!

Hemfort is bound to notice us if we can manage to win in mortal ko... combat. Let's find and Defeat 15 Enemies. That should do the trick.

Activate 15 tabletsEdit

Activate 15 tablets. I bet that whoever lived here left a whole lot of tablets with messages on them. We should make sure to find as many of those as possible. At least one ought to have something worthwhile to say.

So, let's dig around and interact with any tablet that we find.