The Trial

The Trial is the second level on Zone 1 - Hemland of the Campaign.

The Backyard --> The Trial --> The Northern Pass



Here, any clan leader-to-be needs to learn the more advanced of controling his or her own dwarven clan.

Only those who complete the hardships of the Trial have the right to become clan leaders. It is only a true dwarven leader that will be able to reach the end and complete this Trial.

It is here where legends are born.

Main ObjectiveEdit

The main quests of the level.

Bed BuilderEdit

Build 2 beds. King Father has reminded me that the dwarves will probably need somewhere to sleep, otherwise they will have to sleep on the floor, and that will make them unhappy.

I should look in the build menu and see what kind of beds I want to Build. Just need to make sure we have enough resources as well.

Food GathererEdit

Gather 150 Food. Well, I suppose we can't do proper work without any food. Especially me. We should first make sure we have a fertilization stone on fertile soil. Then we can buy some food crops from the build menu, place it on the Soil next to the fertilization stone, and then assign a worker to it.

The worker will gather food which will be put on our tables for us to eat. Piece of cake!

Fancy TasteEdit

Build 20 decorations. What is a settlement without some decorations? We should look in the build menu to see what we have in available, choose something, and then place it somewhere in the settlement. Is could be anything: floor-tiles, wall-tiles, plants, etc.

Let's make our settlement the best one there is!

The ExplorerEdit

Find the outpost room. About halfway to the goal is an outpost room. King Father has tasked us to find it.

I do not think we should expect any real combat until then, so we should focus on finding it and to make sure our settlement is running okay.

The outpost can probably be found a short distance from our throne room. Maybe somewhere in the middle? We should try to dig and down as well, to get the hang of it.

The OutpostEdit

Assign 3 warriors. This outpost room might be a good place to expand your settlement. King Father has told me to build a military outpost here.

We should find the military outpost in the build menu, place it where we think would be best, and then assign 3 military dwarves to it. Those three will then stick around the military outpost and guard that area. Military dwarves can be assigned either by clicking on the military outpost, or by dropping military dwarves on top of it with the teleport order.

If we have too many dwarves and not enough military dwarves, then we can use the sell order to sell a dwarf. That dwarf will move back to Hemfort, and we can order a new dwarfling.


Build 2 beds. So, before we move on, we need to make sure that our military dwarves by the outpost have somewhere to sleep and rest. When they are tired, they will always try to find the closest bed or chair to rest in.

Let's Build a couple of beds and place them close to the outpost so that they will not have to go very far in order to rest.

Table BuilderEdit

Build table. So, before we move on, we need to make sure that our military dwarves by the outpost have somewhere to eat. When they are hungry, they will always try to find the closest table to eat at.

If we build a table as close to them as we can, then the dwarves will not have to walk far to be able to eat.

Digging For GoldEdit

Find the treasure chamber. Finally we can look for the Treasure! I bet it will be glorious!

This whole place seems to be divided into two areas; one Upper and one Lower. I believe that the treasure chamber can be found somewhere in the lower area.

We should prepare ourselves to look for the treasure chamber somewhere in the lower area. I would bet a silver-piece that it is somewhere underneath our settlement.


Defeat the Guardians. When we finally find the treasure chamber, it is filled with nasty greenskins! We need to use our entire knowledge of strategy and combat in order to defeat these foes!

We must send our Soldiers at them...or somehow trick them into running into traps...

The TreasureEdit

Interact with the Red Crystal. The greenskins are defeated. We are victorious!

Now the only thing left to do is to interact with the Red Crystal in the treasure chamber. We should use the interact order on it and see what happens.

I wonder what King Father had in mind.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

The king's quests of the level.

The ResearcherEdit

Unlock 1 Tech. This is one of the King's Quests. This quest is about how to get research points that can be spent in the tech tree to unlock powerful bonuses.

To complete this one, there are several steps I need to follow:

-Upgrade a dwarfling into a scholar

-Build a research table

-Make sure the scholar can reach and work at the research table

-Let the scholar work by the table until he has gathered 1 research point

-Spend that research point on something in the tech tree that will give us an advantage

If I follow these steps, then I will have completed this King's Quest!

Specialised ResearchEdit

Specialise Military dwarf. This is another King's Quest that we can complete should we choose to. Here I will learn how to specialise military dwarves so that we will have the military we need.

There are certain steps we need to follow in order to complete this quest:

-Complete the "The Researcher" quest

-Gain enough research points to unlock the military specialisation tech

-Level up a military dwarf to at least level 5

-Access that dwarves upgrade-option and choose a specialisation: melee or ranged

Trap BuilderEdit

Activate traps. This is the third and last King's Quest for this level. This will teach us how to build traps and how to provide them with electricity.

There are certain steps we need to follow in order to complete this quest:

-Complete the quest entitled "The Researcher"

-Gain enough research points to unlock the Engineering tech

-Build 3 traps

-Build enough generators to power up the traps