The Tunnel

The Tunnel is the first level on Zone 3 - Mittland South in the Campaign.

The Mage Base --> The Tunnel --> The Elven Settlement


The southernmost country Volmark is covered of a thick jungle of trees with trunks that were almost as hard as rock. Although it would not have been beyond dwarven skill to cut through the forest, the dwarves decided that it would be easier to reach the country by digging a large tunnel underneath the jungle.

This area holds the entrance to the tunnel. It was built to enable the transport of large shipments of resources and tools between Mittland and Votmark.

Main ObjectiveEdit

The main quests of the level.

The End of the TunnelEdit

Reach the End of the Tunnel. The whole area has collapsed into a big tunnel. To reach the other side, we need to dig through the entire tunnel. We should just go with the flow and see where the tunnel leads us.

Since it is a tunnel, there can't be many other ways to go but forward.

A Locked DoorEdit

Open the First Locked Door. There is a locked door blocking the way forward in this blasted tunnel. We need to find a key somewhere that will allow us to go through that door.

We need to search around the area and see if we can find a key lying around. When we find it, we should interact with it to be able to unlock the door.

Another Locked DoorEdit

Open the Second Locked Door. One more locked door? Isn't this tunnel enough of a challenge already?

Well, the last door had a key lying around so this one probably has one too. We need to search for the key that will open up this door and interact with it in order to proceed.

Yet Another Locked DoorEdit

Open the Third Locked Door. It seems almost unbelievable that there are three locked doors in this broken down tunnel. Well, we all know the drill.

Look around for a key.

Read The Treasure TabletEdit

Activate Treasure Room Tablet. So we have finally reached the end of the Tunnel, which turns out to be a dead end. Well, we should at least interact with the tablet here in the treasure chamber and see what it says. That is the least we can do after working all the way here.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

The king's quests of the level.

Exploring RoomsEdit

Find 10 event rooms. There can't only be more tunnel, right? There must also be some rooms preserved somewhere. We should look around and see if we find any. Who knows what kind of treasures we can find there... They should impress everyone back home.

No Stone UnturnedEdit

Dig 500 blocks. I know that King Father would want us to restore as many bases as possible. When the time comes when we have reclaimed every country we once lost we will need to have nice bases for us to live.

We should probably clear out as much of this tunnel as we can so that we dwarves can use it better in the future. A couple of hundred blocks should probably suffice for now.

Saving UpEdit

Gather 5000 wealth. There can't only be dirt in this tunnel. There must be some valuable resources left somewhere around here. Well, if we are to restore this area to its former glory some day, then we need a huge amount of Resources.

We should probably also remember that we need to make sure we have room in our Storage for that amount of wealth as well.