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The most basic kind of objects are made out of wood. Though they do not happen to be very sturdy. To obtain wood, you need to go to the build menu and find the Special Crops in the Work Stations section. In that section of the menu you will find the plants required to produce wood.

Food CropsEdit

Wood is also a basic material for constructing food crops.

Military UpgradesEdit

Military --> Spear Thrower ( 200 )

Building OptionsEdit

Image Name Happiness Cost
Wooden Chair Wooden Chair x1 25 Wood
Chair with a Pillow Chair With Pillow x2 40 Wood
Image Name Hapiness Comfort Cost
Straw Bed Straw Bed x2 x1 40 Wealth + 20 Wood
Roundtable Bed Roundframe Bed x2 x2 100 Wealth + 100 Wood
Comfy Bed Comfy Bed x3 x3 150 Wealth + 150 Wood
Image Name Storage Space Cost
Wooden Chest Wooden Chest x10 xx Wood + xx Iron
Large Wooden Chest Large Wooden Chest x20 xx Wood + xx Iron

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